Local Scholarship Programs

In keeping with the IES mission, our section wishes to encourage education in lighting and offers an observership for students interested in pursuing lighting or related fields.

Our observership program is distributed from an education fund generated by proceeds of our Golf Tournament, Landscape Show and our Education classes; however, at times we have also received sponsorship support from local businesses sharing a commitment to education. If your organization is interested in exploring the idea of such an arrangement, please contact any of our officers.

We encourage all students and educators to contact us to learn more about our observership opportunities. The details of observership opportunities are posted in the Emerging Professionals area of the site.

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2013 Summer Observership Program

Program Introduction:

The IES Orange County Section will sponsor a six week Summer Observership to lighting, architectural or electrical engineering students in good standing at an accredited university or college in the Los Angeles and Orange County metropolitan area.  Candidates will be selected based on a combination of scholastic performance as well as a face to face interview with the Observership selection committee from the Orange County Section Board of Managers.


The IESOC Observership is a program that provides chosen students the opportunity to spend time observing ‘real world’ aspects of the professional lighting construction industry.  Thru the participation of IES Member companies involved in the program, students spend a designated period at each company, observing how these companies fit into the lighting construction industry.


The following key components to this industry will be featured for this Obvservership.
1)             Lighting Consulting and Design
2)             Electrical Engineering
3)             Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
4)             Lighting Sales Agency (Manufacturers Representative)
5)             Lighting and Electrical Distribution

By spending time observing the day to day operations of each of these components, the student will achieve a broad understanding of the entire lighting construction industry as a whole.  This will in turn provide a basis to make a more informed decision as to which disciplines to strengthen, and how these choices will affect the Observers career goals.

Service Commitments:

Participating Companies:  It is the commitment of the host companies to provide a learning environment to the Observer by exposing them to the most critical aspects of that business.  This may include client meetings, design councils, company conferences, job walks, product seminars, etc.  Participating companies will provide a program coordinator that will be responsible for guiding and advising the Observer during the term of their attendance.  Host companies will be located within the Los Angeles or Orange County area.

Selected Student (Observer):  It is the commitment of the chosen students to spend six consecutive weeks during the summer (consisting of eight (8) hour work days – Monday thru Friday) at participating host companies (As yet TBD).  Candidates will abide by daily schedules as set forth by the host companies program coordinator, and observe all aspects of each of these components.  Further, upon the completion of the Observership program, the student will provide a short Program Summary describing the features and benefits of each of the components in relation to their career objectives

Financial Considerations:

Participants will be financially compensated for their participation on the program. Financial compensation in the amount of $2,500 will be paid to each Observer for the 6 week term.  Compensation will be distributed every two weeks with final payment upon the Boards receipt of a completed Program Summary.


The Observership schedule will consist of six consecutive weeks during the summer school term (typically late June thru the end of August).  Exact dates will be determined during the application selection and interview process.


All applications must be received by the IES Orange Section Program Chair no later than Friday May 10, 2013.  Please submit a completed Application Form and other required documents to Richard Lund.

For questions or additional information please contact Richard Lund at: 714-655-0350