Designing Outdoor Rooms by Yvonne English at Long Beach Landscape Expo

2017 Long Beach Landscape Expo – October 4th, 2017


October 4th, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Attend the Expo : 20% off code: TLESPE

Course Description:


Designing outdoor living areas is creating outdoor spaces, with or without walls, used for a purpose.

This seminar will discuss using basic design principles to create outdoor rooms such as kitchens, family rooms, retreats, etc. It will review safety, circulation, sizing, elements, such as seating and lighting, views and connections. Defining the outdoor space using floors, ceilings and walls of various types. Then there will be an overview of designing outdoor kitchens.

Learning Objectives:

Learn design principles to create successful outdoor rooms that consider fundamentals such as safety, circulation, sizing, elements, seating, lighting, views and connections.

Explore important techniques to determine the client’s outdoor goals and translate them into successful outdoor room designs

Identify constraints that impact the design of outdoor rooms: governmental regulations, existing utilities, climate and site considerations

Understand how to identify and avoid the most common design mistakes.





Yvonne English
Landscape Architect/Project Manager/Lead Designer
Legends Design Studio, Inc.

Designed small public and large private projects as a consultant, created context sensitive solutions to various planning, landscape and urban design projects from initial conception through construction completion. Completed site research, inventory and analysis, and conceptual designs. Prepared and administered contracts and change orders. Prepared site plans, specifications, estimates, written reports and presentations on projects up to $400,000. Developed presentations and presented projects to clients, public/community, Planning Commissions, and City Councils.

Project examples:

La Plaza Park Fountain: First public fountain in the City, Dana Point Chamber Of Commerce Beautification Award 2012

Dana Niguel Veterinary Hospital: Animal and owner friendly design

Residences with water capture systems and ponds

Site Plan for Traveling Vietnam Wall


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