FREE SEMINAR : Derek Porter on Body Sensing: Assessing the Role of Light in Perception

Body Sensing: Assessing the Role of Light in Perception

Speaker : Derek Porter

Thursday, April 13th, 7:00-9:45pm

Design Department Room DESN 112 – California State Long Beach


The human body perceives the world within which it occupies in a layered, multi-sensorial

manner. As we move through our daily lives our bodies seek stimulus through various sensorial

channels that clarify our presence in space, allow us to navigate terrain and perform tasks.

Within these complex perceptual dynamics, light plays a seminal role as it renders surface area,

color and texture, establishes distance proximity, focuses our gaze through luminance composition

and provides basic task illumination for the work that we conduct.


Through his work in art, design, landscape and architecture Derek Porter examines the applied

relationships between light, space and human perception from both poetic and scientifi c perspectives.

Works presented in this lecture range in scale from hand-held objects to urban installations.

Reference to texts in psychology, science, design theory and art attempts to further

ground his research interests in a simple, easy to follow manner.


Derek Porter is a multi-disciplinary designer working in architectural lighting and product design

where he focuses on the use of light within various scales of the built environment. His

work considers subtle aspects of human perception and the presence of light within spatial

contexts. As an extension of his lighting design practice, Derek studies light and space through

work in photography and sculpture. He is involved with public art commissions as well as actively

exhibits his work nationally and internationally.


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